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The Coca-Cola Company Europe

A fresh Employer Brand in Europe, and employee engagement for this powerful multinational

“We've been extremely impressed with how SAS handled the challenge of developing our employer brand.”

Talent Manager, Coca-Cola Europe

The Challenge

The overwhelming strength of The Coca-Cola Company's consumer brands makes the attraction and retention of the right employees surprisingly challenging. The business needed a new Employer Brand across Europe - and subsequently beyond - as well as new internal and external people communications systems and materials.

The Solution

Playing on Coca-Cola's renowned 'secret formula', SAS developed a core idea and visual expression showing that every employee has their own formula for the passion that characterises Coca-Cola's people. Our approach provides Coca-Cola with a powerful system to create any number of tantalising, intriguing, relevant 'formulae', using words and images, for virtually any people-related communication. At the same time, it retains an unmistakable link to the Coca-Cola brand.


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