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Rejuvenating the Sony Mobile brand in India

Achieving top-of-mind recall through creative engagement in the crowded Indian market


The Challenge

In the Indian smartphone market, flooded with multinational and local players offering devices across a wide price band, achieving and maintaining brand recall is a challenge. Sony Mobile needed to achieve top-of-mind recall through creative engagement as they compete with the likes of Samsung, HTC and Blackberry in the crowded Indian marketplace. Raising awareness of Sony Mobile as the smartphone of choice amongst Indian youth would be difficult given the storm of marketing messages being directed at them by various players.

The Solution

Drawing on our research, we crafted a strategy that reflected 'vibrancy and youth' and focused on engaging audiences through an integrated programme that straddled social media, TV commercials and product launches.

Our campaign was focused on showcasing two specific phone attributes - sound quality and stylish looks. We used a series of contests, quizzes and crowdsourced content to generate widespread awareness and engagement on social platforms. Our strategy was to co-create maximum content through fans using contests.  We ensured high levels of participation and engagement by sharing examples of what we were looking for, be it photo or video contests.

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The results

35,000,000number of users reached
3Sales targets were met within just three days
300%The number of Sony Mobile India fans tripled within eight months

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