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Driving awareness of a new website to help the Dutch better understand their pension provisions

The Challenge

Dutch citizens have various ways of accumulating a pension. From a basic state pension for everyone, to company pensions for which employees make mandatory savings throughout the course of their working lives. In addition to that there are tax-friendly ways to make individual pension savings.

Given that an individual's pension constitutes various components and there are several ways in which actual pension payments can be calculated, it is quite difficult for people to grasp what their actual pension will look like - and even harder to take appropriate measures if they consider this pension total won't be sufficient.

The Solution

Since January 2011, by law, every Dutch citizen has been granted secure individual access to his or her pension contracts through a dedicated website that interfaces with a) the Dutch state pension institution b) all Dutch pension funds and c) all insurance companies and banks:  With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can now see how much money you will receive when you retire.

MSL Netherlands developed an integrated mass media publicity campaign to drive awareness of the website. The publicity campaign consisted of television commercials, online media (bannering, virals, direct email marketing) social media and print, all of this supported by an underlying comprehensive PR campaign. The Dutch Minister of Social Affairs and Employment attended the financial industry's launch meeting organised by MSL. A digital toolkit was developed and sent to HRM officers everywhere in the country.

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The results

10,000number of times viral film viewed in first seven days
1,000,000people logged onto the site in the first three weeks
WINNER!of the finance industry's top award for clarity in communications

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