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Cisowianka's 'Let's Play Football'

Helping Polish kids to be healthier through better access to football grounds, with Cisowianka


The Challenge

The summer of 2012 was an exciting time in Poland, as the country co-hosted football's UEFA EURO 2012. Despite the excitement of the tournament, Polish citizens - particularly children - continued to struggle with issues related to poor health and physical fitness.

Alarmingly, over 60 percent of Polish children exercise less than once a month and are among the unhealthiest in Europe.  In part this is due to a lack of places where kids can play outside. There are many areas which could in theory be used for playing football yet are not: many parks, yards and even school pitches are closed after school hours.  Playing football in one of these spots often results in fines.

The Solution

Cisowianka, a natural mineral water brand and the official water of The Polish national football team, decided to change this situation. Together, we came up with The Let's Play Football! Program, aimed at opening public areas for football in order to give children greater opportunity to play football and to make football pitches easily accessible at all times.

We wanted children to play the beautiful game and really enjoy it! We knew that if Poland is to one day become a country with world-famous football players, we have to start taking action now.

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The results

34,000engaged facebook fans
100,000children gained access to football pitches
98,000,000media impressions

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