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Introducing the Chevy Sonic - with Klout


The Challenge

In introducing the 2012 Chevy Sonic, Chevrolet was on a mission to change the way consumers engage with the American small car. 

The target Millennial generation -- those who came of age since the year 2000 -- buys cars differently.  They get their information from friends and online influencers.   For years, Chevrolet was challenged with getting the right kind of influencers behind the wheel to test drive new vehicles.

The Solution

MSLGROUP Americas introduced Chevy to Klout, an online network that measures influence and identifies the most powerful influencers.  The agency worked with Chevy to package 3-day Chevy Sonic test drive loans as "Klout Perks" in five key cities, targeting most relevant Millennials with the highest Klout scores. 

The goals were to:

  • Fill 130 loan opportunities to engage influencers with a minimum average Klout score of 45
  • Increase enthusiasm for the Chevy Sonic among Millennials in the social media channel
  • Build awareness for the campaign through online and traditional media
  • Show purchase intent traceable from the campaign

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The results

280influencers with an average Klout score of 54 participated
130percentage that number of shares, comments, likes and tweets were above target
16,211tweets, retweets, shares, comments and likes

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