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BT Values

Illustrating how a single person can make a difference

“At BT our brand is our most important asset. It is therefore vital that we trust our agencies to collaborate with us to develop the brand. SAS have worked with us for 12 years and have been a key roster agency for 9 of those.”

Head of Design, Brand Team, BT

The Challenge

The most important factor in a brand's success is the attitude that its people bring to work. That's been the thrust of the three-year engagement programme we've worked on with BT. We've helped people recognise that it's within their power to change perceptions of the company they work for. They can "re-brand" the company from within. They are the brand.

The Solution

In this latest episode of BT's Values programme we collected a series of stories and ideas that illustrate how a single person can make a difference. Some were just pictures; others text. Some were big, others small. The aim was to create 'penny-drop' moments that would help employees feel empowered to, in the words of Mahatma Gandhi, "be the difference that they want to see".


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