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Star Movies - Bond

Creating buzz for India's STAR Movies channel, and their re-run of a Bond movie season


The Challenge

STAR Movies, a leading English movie channel in India, wanted to recreate the hype around a James Bond series that would be aired every night at 11pm. It was an old series that had been aired earlier on several channels, so promotions were a challenge. STAR Movies operates in a niche yet fast growing television entertainment category in which six major channels battle for leadership. Overlapping tie-ups with international studios mean that all channels have similar content, leaving no room for a USP. STAR Movies faced a real prospect of losing its leadership position to Movies Now.

The Solution

Our strategy was to refresh perceptions about Bond and create relevance in the context of our target audience. Talking about Bond would not be enough; we wanted to engage consumers and the media, and make them experience and live Bond. We capitalized on urban lifestyles, holding experiential events and eye-catching stunts at locations that this audience would frequent. We created content around replicating Bond's lifestyle, reminding the audience that Bond has inspired several Bollywood spy thrillers. The consistency of our content through the diverse mediums gave credence to the fact that Bond's impact on today's pop culture can be 'forever' felt. We worked towards driving an emotional connection that would prompt increased viewership.

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The results

9%increase in market share
4.9 millionviews of the campaign facebook page
68%increase in the channel's reach

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