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Helping this European company persuade Chinese consumers that its designer products aren't just for the West


The Challenge

Brabantia, one of Europe's leading design companies, was planning to launch its own brand stores in China and had aggressive expansion plans. However, the company was facing a fierce competitive market with low brand awareness. While western-style designed products are aspired to by the Chinese, we found that both everyday consumers and department store landlords were concerned whether Brabantia products would 'fit' well with the typical Chinese home.

The Solution

MSL went back to the core of the brand - a history of solid and long lasting products, with contemporary and timeless design - and combined the time element with the geographical element to highlightHIGH QUALITY STYLE THAT'S UNIVERSAL AND TIMELESS.In order to express the core concept and catch the target audience's eyes, MSL visualized it through a high-tech light show, so-called 3D mapping, in a Brabantia house. We also created two movies - one focusing on the brand story to truly leverage its rich heritage, and the other on the products and their features.

The Results

The impact was strong among both consumers as well as department store landlords. On the consumer side, "we entered the market with the big bang we were aiming for", as Brabantia put it themselves. For department store landlords, MSL's efforts contributed to over 100 hard leads which were generated across China as well as reaching beyond to Hong Kong and Japan.

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