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Promoting the Shetland Islands to potential employees

The Challenge

While North Sea oil and gas production is at a ten year low, exploration West of Shetland in the Atlantic Ocean is increasing, and in 2012 BP announced a $4.5bn investment in Clair Ridge, Europe’s biggest oil field. 

Shetland is home to the Sullom Voe Terminal (SVT).  It was built some 35 years ago.  At its height, the terminal processed 1.5 million barrels of oil per day, but in recent times this reduced to 250,000 barrels per day. It was expected to be decommissioned in the coming years.  However, with new production coming onstream, SVT once again became a critical asset, with multi-billion investments being made to upgrade the terminal.

With this investment came the need to keep local stakeholders onside, promote the investment being made and hire a range of experienced professionals.  The latter was a primary challenge. 

The Solution

BP and MSLGROUP appreciated that there was a need to engage with the local council and key island stakeholders in order to promote the lifestyle benefits of living and working in Shetland.

MSLGROUP developed a channel neutral communications campaign incorporating:, video production, media relations, advertising, digital and social.  The campaign culminated in a media trip to SVT and the Shetland Islands.

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The results

14:1Campaign ROI
40% increasein job applications for Shetland-based roles
GOLDSabre Award in 2014 for campaign

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