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Avantium - Claiming your fame

Helping the Dutch R&D company claim their fame as producers of a ground-breaking plastic drinks bottle


The Challenge

The Amsterdam based chemical R&D company Avantium discovered a groundbreaking technique to produce plastics from 100% bio-based sugars: An all-new sustainable plastic that can be produced in an economically viable way. In December 2011, The Coca Cola Company selected Avantium to further co-develop their product PEF, and to test it for use as a next-generation plastic bottle for their drinks.  At the same time, The Coca Cola Company also selected two other bio-plastic firms GEVO and Virent to co-develop their products.  Wanting to ensure their part of the story didn't go unheard, Avantium turned to MSL Amsterdam to help them tell their story to the right target audiences globally: "Avantium, The creator of revolutionary and commercially competitive 100% plant based plastics".

The Solution

MSL Amsterdam teamed up with the Avantium management team to draft an international media strategy across China, Brazil, France, Germany, the UK, the US and The Netherlands. This work included press release tailoring and distribution, infographic creation, social media activation, setting up 1:1 interviews and onsite communications support during the press conference.

The Results

The PR campaign carried out by MSLGROUP generated extensive coverage in both print and online media worldwide. A few highlights: prime time TV news coverage, influential coverage in international trade magazines and websites, and an editorial piece in The Financial Times.  Supported by the brand awareness generated through the PR campaign, the Avantium consortium has grown rapidly in the last few months and has just recently announced a packaging development agreement with Danone.

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