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Alpenliebe's Kindness Movement

How does one create a social heartbeat, and touch the lives of millions in a crowded world?


The Challenge

Alpenliebe is the flagship brand of Perfetti Van Melle, a global MNC in the confectionery market. The rich, milky caramel toffee entered the China market 15 years ago, and was the number one confectionary brand in China in terms of volume.  But then came competition froma number of other candy brands and Alpenliebe realised that while it was still recognized by consumers, it wasn't known for anything in particular. It was at risk of becoming perceived as irrelevant and outdated, in a market that was awash with brands creatively engaging with consumers.

The Solution

Our research showed that happiness, kindness and human potential is one of the most important opportunity areas in which brands can bring about positive change - and in China in particular, young people were looking for warmth, reassurance and kindness. As the Alpenliebe brand was positioned in the territory of kindness, we converted kindness into a shared purpose, a Social Heartbeat and created a movement - Small Acts of Kindness - to inspire, organize and energize millions of Chinese youth to share, appreciate and engage in everyday acts of kindness.

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The results

8.7million unique visitors
55,000weibo fans
151,000kindness stories shared on digital platforms

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