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Who we are

We make our clients' voice matter


Strategy and Vision

Our job is to create value for our clients by linking the power to make yourself heard (through engagement) with the power to convince (through relevance).

Today we live in a real-time marketplace of communities where individuals are happy to engage with other people, brands and organizations through connections, conversations and information sharing - but only if those entities offer substantial value and relevance in exchange for their time and attention.

At MSLGROUP we are passionate about the science and art of listening to and engaging with people. With insight, with understanding and with a response that is helpful and valuable. We help our companies, brands and organisations move from campaigns to narrative, from intrusion to engagement and from consumers to communities. We make our clients' voice matter.

What we believe in

A truly holistic approach to communications: multi-specialist and media neutral

What We Believe Heart

Demonstrating a passion for client service

What We Believe Eye

Acting with honesty, transparency and accountability

Having the courage to take on the biggest challenges, and the tenacity to see them through

Encouraging diversity and responsible action in our workplace

Key Statistics

36countries worldwide
3000people in our company
Top 5One of the world's top 5 PR companies
1/4we work with a quarter of the top 100 most valuable global brands

Our history

Established in 2009 when Publicis Groupe announced it was bringing its PR and events agencies together as one, global network, MSLGROUP was born in today's so-called conversation age.

Agile and youthful we may be, we also thrive on our rich heritage: Parisian traditions on the one hand, American culture on the other and a dynamic and rapidly growing Asian voice.

Some might see these as conflicting influences - we simply see the resulting versatility and flexibility that are core markers in our DNA. The ultimate benefits of our multicultural heritage? We're comfortable in our skin in a communications world where old structures are collapsing, boundaries are blurring and innovative thinking reigns supreme.

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