Mario Fang

Managing Director
MSLGROUP in Taiwan, Taipei, Taiwan

Mario Fang, joint Founder and Managing Director of ICL MSL, has over 15 years experience in the PR, digital marketing, and advertising industry. A well known strategic and creative PR expert in Taiwan, Mario Fang's campaigns have received over a dozen global and local PR and digital marketing awards including recognition at Campaign-Asia Pacific's 2010 Digital Media Awards, an Asia PR Week Gold Award and eMarketer of year. His outstanding leadership skills and innovative approach to communications has made ICL MSL one of the top three international PR agencies in Taiwan, serving several local and global brands across a variety of sectors and industries. Mario also has strong academia experience and has a passion for research in PR and Digital and has held tutorials across Greater China. He is also a long-term lecturer for Brain workshop and the Assistant Professor, Department of Public Relations and Advertising at Shin Hsin University in Taipei. Fang's teaching subjects focus on PR Management, PR Strategy and Planning and PR Case Studies.

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