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Public Affairs

Politics and public policy have a major impact on the environment in which our clients operate

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Clients may need to manage political and legislative risk, or be looking to benefit from a supportive regulatory environment - and their ability to do so will be determined by how successful they are in shaping policy.

Creating a successful public affairs strategy depends on three factors: a profound understanding of the political climate, the government objectives, and effective stakeholder outreach, including lobbying. With our extensive contacts and international experience, MSLGROUP is at the intersection of business, government and the media. We provide strategic counsel to companies seeking to navigate the political risks and challenges of doing business in this complex environment.

Our Approach

Public Affairs is the art of diplomacy: building of long-term relationships with audiences that influence an organisation's conditions. Public opinion creation influences the general circumstances surrounding a company and can be seen as diplomacy. Lobbying, by comparison, introduces an issue into the political process and strives to change it, spurring the actual battle of ideas.

Today, more and more political decisions are impacting every organization's business environment, while public opinion has become increasingly difficult to predict. Public Affairs has therefore become a relevant component of a company's core needs.

To achieve its business objectives, a company must interpret the political environment, understand political processes, build relationships with political decision-makers and convey messages to politicians. Public Affairs is thus a key element of an organisation's communicative structure. Our strategic advice always focuses on our clients' business objectives.

Companies in politically or regulatory controlled industries are impacted by on-going political processes or regulatory systems. While it is impossible to influence all of these factors, risks and opportunities must be analysed. Public Affairs generates awareness of political situations and processes. Public Affairs generates hard data for prioritising issues, identifying public opinion efforts, conveying information to political decision-makers and weighing the probability of influencing political decisions.

Regulatory and political decision-making has become more complicated and abstruse. Decisions that used to be made on the local or national level must now be integrated on a broader stage. Having political relationships in one's own city and country is no longer enough - a strategy for understanding and influencing events is also essential. As the decision chain grows and as cause-and-effect becomes more complex, all parts of the decision chain must be mastered.

Modern Public Affairs employs a global perspective. Today's problems give rise to international discussions - on topics such as climate change and ways to keep financial markets in check. These issues are equally impacting policy decisions in all world capitals, including Washington D.C., Beijing, New Delhi, and many more.

Our Offering:

A Proven Track Record

  • Developing research-based messages that get traction with target audiences and media
  • Building coalitions and grassroots support to help advance legislative and regulatory agendas at local, state and federal level
  • Raising awareness of issues, products, technologies and services
  • Protecting reputation during times of crisis
  • Developing partnerships and influencer support
  • Demonstrating thought leadership
  • Creating industry-leading sustainability programs that drive reputation and create business value for corporations large and small
  • Conceiving and implementing award-winning cause marketing programs that activate stakeholders for profit and purpose
  • Delivering measurable results