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Employee Practice

The "talent agenda" has risen to a top 3 board level priority

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MSLGROUP’s Employee Practice helps companies get the most from their investments in people to drive business results. Our expertise covers the entire employment relationship from employer branding and recruitment to alumni engagement. Through strategic planning and creative execution, we help companies find top talent, manage employer reputations and inspire employees to reach their full potential.

We believe people are an organisation’s greatest asset, but only if they are fully engaged in their jobs. We monitor trends affecting the workplace, clearly understand our clients’ cultures, goals and challenges, and employ the full spectrum of online and offline tools to engage prospective and existing employees. 


Our Approach

Employee Practice professionals are experts in every aspect of the engagement landscape. We put opportunities and issues in perspective for employers and create strategies tailored to their goals and needs. At the heart of our approach is the employee journey: the experiences people go through before, during and after employment. This flexible framework allows us to examine and maximize every phase of the employer-employee relationship.

In developing employee engagement strategies, we stay attuned to trends affecting the market, our clients and employees. We see, for example, the effects of multiple generations in the workplace, the impact of constant change and the benefits of communicating via social media. We do not, however, bring preconceived solutions based on what others are doing. We are channel- and discipline-neutral and devise plans specifically to achieve our clients’ business goals.