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Digital & Social Media

People increasingly turn to the social web to share their passions, to praise or criticize brands, and to seek out recommendations

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It's against this backdrop that the imperative for brands to listen to, participate in and host online conversations has never been stronger.  At MSLGROUP, we help global brands create strategic programs to distil actionable insights from social web chatter, strengthen enterprise capabilities to participate in the conversation economy, build long-term relationships with key influencers, and host communities to organize and energize brand evangelists.

Our Approach

We are Conversation and Relationship Experts

Our business is built on 75-years of earned media experience. Our heritage and history is advocacy, relationships and two-way communications. Our strategy and creative teams listen and develop real-time insights, content strategies and engagement tactics, with the ultimate objective of influencing perceptions and conversations.

Understanding Influence

While influence  and influencers have become buzz words for the industry, we have 15+ years experience in understanding who the most influential stakeholders, consumers and communities are. What their passions are, and how to connect with them. Our IMSL, influencer model was a pioneer in this field. Recently, we launched the People's Lab, a crowd-sourcing model, and PurPle, which combines the power of social and sharing with enterprise purpose.

Our Strategic Role and View of Social

Social media naturally permeates every aspect of the communication business (Paid, Owned, Earned). We strongly believe that combining earned media expertise with social media strategies to generate insights, activate engagement and build brand preference is a winning combination for brands and corporate communications the world over.

Global Footprint

Our agency and heritage is built on hyper-local. We can execute social and earned seamlessly and successfully in 83 countries (especially in the emerging markets).

Key Contacts