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‘PR and the Party – The Truth About Media Relations In China’ - Eastwei MSL Releases Whitepaper On What Marketers Need To Know About The Chinese Media Landscape

Beijing, China - September 26, 2011 -Eastwei MSL, part of MSLGROUP-Publicis Groupe's flagship speciality communications, PR and events network and the largest PR and social media agency operation in Greater China-today launched its latest whitepaper on the Chinese media landscape.PR and the Party: the truth about media relations in Chinaprovides local insights, perspectives and best practices on navigating China's unique media environment for communications professionals. 

With China's per capita income expected to almost double to US$8,118 over the next six years (from US$4,382 in 2010) according to the International Monetary Fund, communications and public affairs executives at multinational companies are increasingly being tasked with supporting strategic growth plans in China. MNCs venturing into China often experience hurdles, and in extreme cases, consumer crises as a result of limited understanding of the local PR and media relations dynamic. This whitepaper explores and explains the complex, fluid and often contradictory nature of China's communications landscape to help companies better understand how to promote, protect and position their brands in one of the world's fastest-growing markets.  

"Recognizing the importance of China in their global strategy, multinationals seek expert advice on how best to engage with Chinese audiences and reach their business objectives," said Par Uhlin, managing director of Eastwei MSL and member of the Greater China Management Board. "This whitepaper details the country's broad range of media channels; the triangular relationship between government, media and consumers; and how businesses should approach this unique communications environment."

The whitepaper also draws on Eastwei MSL's proprietary methodology, "Knowledge-Driven Media Relations" which leverages best practices garnered from more than two decades of experience in working with Chinese media. The Eastwei MSL report provides insights and advice in five key areas, emphasizing that all marketers in China should: 

a)   Understand the local target audiences, industry and media- many MNCs still fail in analysing and understanding who exactly their audience is, which factors are shaping their company's industry in China and how journalists perceive and report on the company and its competitors.

b)   Develop tailored news angles- as official and independent-commercial media compete for consumer attention, successful communications in China will depend on appealing to and aligning with a complicated mixture of government agendas, social concerns, broad groups of constituents such as joint venture partners and influential organisations, and geographically relevant audiences.    

c)    Build and nurture 'Guanxi'- relationships are and will remain important in the China market. Any ongoing media outreach program should incorporate this, and include frequent outreach to journalists, in-person visits and newsworthy updates to maintain relationships.

d)    Create your own media- many MNCs have developed content-rich English websites interwoven with social media, but have stopped short of making this investment in Chinese. With around 420 million Internet users in China, this is a huge missed opportunity when it comes to brand building, as explored by our earlier whitepaper on Best Practices in Chinese Micro-blog Communications.

e)    Don't be tempted by or tolerate unethical PR practices - whilst some local practitioners condone them, they do not deliver positive, long-term results.

To learn more and read the PR and the Party: The truth about media relations in China whitepaper in full, please visit or click here

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