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It's probably the most exciting and dynamic moment in history to work in media and communications - whether brand, reputation management, PR, public affairs, employee engagement or digital. Old models and methods are crumbling in the face of social, economic and technology changes. The rules are being rewritten in real-time.


We are trusted advisors to some of the world’s biggest brands, helping them creatively engage with their audiences 24/7.

We have a rich heritage: Parisian traditions on the one hand, American culture on the other and a dynamic and rapidly growing Asian voice. That means versatility and flexibility are core markers in our DNA. Our multicultural heritage means we're comfortable in our skin in a communications world where old structures are collapsing, boundaries are blurring and innovative thinking reigns supreme.

People and culture

Our people are innovators. If you can look at problems in new ways and come up with the solutions nobody had considered before, we will offer you the environment, the space and the inspiration to do so.

At MSLGROUP there is no corporate handbook that defines a so-called 'MSLGROUP Way'. Instead we value the creativity that bubbles up when employees are empowered to think and act as individual entrepreneurs. What we do demand from every employee though is a passion for client service; a thirst for knowledge sharing, a worldview that means collaboration across multiple markets is second nature and the courage to take on the biggest challenges - with the tenacity to see them through.

Diversity @ work

"Diversity@Work" is an operating principle we at MSLGROUP live by, helping us to ensure we consistently reflect - and value - the diversity in the world around us. In our advice to clients, in our hiring of people and in the experiences those people have each day as an MSLGROUP employee.

How do we bring this principle to life?
Our clients range from multinational giants (many of them working with us in 10 countries or more) to regional players and local start-ups, each with a specific industry and speciality communications need. This reality means that as a nimble organization operating in a world with few boundaries, we place particular value on nurturing multiple skillsets in our top people.

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